Friday, May 24, 2019


so thankful there are people like this
in this consumerism driven world....

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Moon Wisdom


Monday, May 6, 2019

Sacred House



Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Scent of Fresh Wood

"the scent of fresh wood is among the last things
you will forget when the veil falls.

the scent of fresh white wood in spring sap time:
as though life itself walked by you
with dew in its hair.

that sweet and naked smell kneeling woman-soft
and blond in the silence inside you
using your bones for a willow flute.

with hard frost beneath your tongue
you look for fire to light a word..and know..
mild as southern wind in the mind
there is still one thing in the world
you can trust." 

the Standing Ones
always a part of me

Friday, May 3, 2019

It's A Keeper

i've baked my own bread for
years..usually sour dough
in loaf pans
my first attempt baking
in a dutch oven using
a basic flour..yeast..salt
and water recipe

nice hard shell
the best part:
i could hear it talking
when i turned it out
onto the board

think this recipe will 
be a keeper

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Angel of Menopause

lawd yes

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Angel of Misery

some days......

Friday, April 26, 2019

We Are The Ark

listen to the podcast here
please help our planet...

Monday, April 22, 2019

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Yes Please

wood fired
ceramic eggs
yes please

Thursday, April 18, 2019

New Carving And Something Delicious

she watches over me
new goddess carving

look at these bowls
seems like everything
i'm drawn to comes
from over the pond
cellular memory?

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

World Voice Day

"while I am watching the animals and birds I am watching the river and listening. In the water I hear the aboriginal sounds which musicians and poets, shamans and seers have heard in the Great River from the beginning and repeated to their people. In the sound I hear their songs cast into the Great River a long long time ago. Music from the veiled source and these human melodies gather in the long bed waiting to be heard and retrieved by someone, somewhere downstream, in time. Adding to this eternal litany, I tell my own stories to the river, stories I have heard, dreams which people have entrusted to me, my own dreams, tales I have read. The words I write I take to the river and read to the water. Until I have given the words to the river they are not mine to give. Until they are thrown into the flow, washed and bedded in her body, I do not trust their purity. The water absorbs the sounds and the timeless commingling continues, running with purpose to union with all the waters circling this sweet earth. In the waters the sounds go round and round. 

Sometimes I think of the animals hearing the songs in the water and perhaps understanding something good about us. I always carry with me one of my stone animals. Washed in the river, the animal returns the sound to its altar in the studio and the sounds in the stone sing like the stones in the riverbed."

beautiful words about voice
by meinrad craighead

who do you share 
your voice with?

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Never Give Up

"how sad to think that nature speaks
and mankind doesn't listen"

my greatest mentors

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Sunday, April 7, 2019

The Language of Stones

there are those of us
who walk the earth

Saturday, April 6, 2019

The Beauty of Wood

i am simply gobsmacked
by the beauty of wood
i share my mealtimes
with this wood spirit

Friday, April 5, 2019


“Loneliness is our precious gift. Solitude can give us back time we have lost and a wide empty space in which to wander without purpose or constraint. In this place all life slows and becomes suspended. Inside solitude we may lay down the burden of our wounds. When darkness has enveloped us with endless nights of chaos and confusion..when we are dismembered..broken into pieces and reduced to fragile threads..when we are disappearing into wounds that it seems may never heal..then we shall seek out solitude to be our refuge. We may be thinned out by all the work of letting go. There is so much scraped away from us..more than we could have imagined and in ways never anticipated. We have been left only with these gaping..hungry wounds. But there is release in the diamond clarity of being stripped to the core. Perhaps only in this moment..with nearly everything peeled we truly understand the value of what remains. And grief will pursue us if we try to avoid the sorrow of our wounds. It will sit quietly working its roots down into our souls. But when we are wrapped in quiet isolation..we may walk more closely to our sorrows and come to understand the nature of the journey that we share. We know that in the end our wounds have the power to change us and we will find relief in this haven of wept tears. True isolation may take us to a liberation we did not even know was there. The protection given to us by solitude is without measure. Let us be unafraid to be alone. Loneliness will still be holding us with tender care when all other arms have dropped away.”
i know this gift....

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Something Old...Something New

i rescued this old sink
decades ago
thinking i would use it for
potting flowers

i dug it out from under a 
blanket of pine needles today
doing a little spring cleaning

i've thought a lot lately
of redoing my kitchen
i think this old lady will
be right a home there

she's been patient.....

lady banks
not sure they'll root
spoke to their spirits
we'll see

Monday, April 1, 2019

It's Said....

it's said that to hold a jaw bone
you own the voice of what
spoke on earth.
when carving this antler
i wondered if i now own
this animals thoughts

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Hag Stone

ancient memories
stone and water
wood whispered stories

Saturday, March 30, 2019

The Divine Feminine 2

right yourself upon the earth..traveler
with the spirit of the divine feminine

a gift for my first born

Friday, March 29, 2019

The Divine Feminine

i am woven into the land
soul to wind
heart to river
bone to stone

beginnings of a new
walking stick...

Thursday, March 28, 2019


i sit with these gentle wood spirits today
as they whisper their secrets
seeking direction
who are you?
how can my hands bear witness
to your mentoring?

Wednesday, March 27, 2019


i get to begin my day
every day
wrapped in birdsong
i remember
when women
were birds

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

The Gospel According To Jody #1

some days
all you can do 
is have the grace
to lay yourself out under
a vast and forgiving sky
and let its steady winds
blow over you

Tuesday, March 19, 2019


Udegan of the Winter Pipe
She Guards Sad Songs and Darkness
"Sometimes the earth herself cradles grief enough within her lap that sad songs spill unchecked and pour like drenching rain into the soil. There was a forest hag whose work it was to collect and care for those sad that all the sorrows laid across the world might endure and become refuge inside which the lonely..lost..and maddened could safely hide. In her tradition..sad songs were a balm that filled the soul..and no one should die empty. Sad songs were a sanctuary for grieving hearts..and no one should have to root among thin desolate scraps to find some comfort. Sad songs were soft fibers of kindness whispered into silence..and no one should find themselves wrapped too long inside isolation. So the forest hag scooped sad songs onto her gathering stick..stowed them away beneath her many layered shawls and kept them secure. The protection that she offered was profound for she was swathed abundantly in woolen plaid..hunched and tucked and folded inside thick coats..and bundled over everything..she wore the cloak of winter. But sad songs were not her only harvest..for she also picked up the hidden songs of nature as she walked the forest trails and the secret songs of quiet creatures moving on the land. She padded through the forest gloom..gathering stick in hand..collecting up the songs sung by dark keening winds and dark murmuring ice and dark dreaming trees and dark sleeping earth. All those she ladled with her stick into the safety of her cloth. She understood the solitary mind of wolf..or bear..elk..or eagle..and she was intimate with all lone spirits on the empty trails. A dense..concealing blackness hung around her..offering a safe haven to the subtle and transient energies that she found. This forest hag was heavy with the secrets of the winter land. And that was not all. She always had a wooden pipe clamped tight between her teeth. She worked at her pipe to create tangled plumes of smoke that blew across the land..serving to veil her tracks and those of all the creatures that she guarded. She used no words ever..but communicated messages and wisdoms only through the smoke that drifted from her gnarly pipe. All her knowledge of the winter..all the intimacies she had gathered on her stick..all the mysteries of the dreaming forest rose up inside that wondrous smoke. Her smoke bore witness to the sorrows of the quiet land and to the vulnerability of nature. The tendrils curled and twisted to form images in which some clues or warnings might be glimpsed..or the sad songs of the grieving those who saw them spread out from the forest might know that it was time..indeed almost too act and save the world."

Monday, February 25, 2019

Happy Camper

today is the first day
in forever that
it's not raining and cold

i've been planning this carving
for a while
will leave the face primitive
do some wood burning
on the "hair"
will most likely give her
a body at some point
happy camper

Saturday, February 16, 2019



Friday, February 15, 2019



a god or goddess
divine status..quality or nature