Friday, April 17, 2020

Bent And Creaking

Got out this morning and started some cuttings:  Butterfly Bush...Hydrangea...Lady Banks Rose. I've never been very successful with cuttings but it only cost me a little energy since I already had the pots...soil...and rooting hormone powder.

Relocated some Lemon Balm and mint to around the log planter so it can spread.

Dug up a couple of pieces of Jasmine from the back of my property and planted them in front of this dead Ornamental Cherry so it will climb. I've left that tree for the birds and critters. There was also a sprig of Virginia Creeper with a few roots that came up with the Jasmine so I stuck it in the ground. Might be too small to make it but I've got lots more to relocate.

Relocated two Wild Cherry trees and I'm ashamed to say I wasn't very careful about planting them...just opened the ground with the shovel and stuck them in. Around here they are really prolific so I'm thinking they'll be ok.

I've got to move these roses. They're around my Mom's house that is here on my property. It's become derelict and I hope to have it torn down before I need to move the shrubs from around it. My Mom was not a gardener but she loved flowers so I planted them for her. Nothing gave her more joy than sitting on her porch watching the birds...especially the humming birds...flit around the flowers. There's a Butterfly Bush...Hydrangea...Nandina...and some others that I've forgotten what they are that will need to be moved also.

I miss the days when I could work the whole day in the yard and feel like a day well spent. My sixty six year old back and knees complain loudly now with just a half days work. It's still a good feeling to end the day with dirt under my nails and well worked muscles...even if I have to hobble off to bed bent and creaking.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Walking With Plant Spirits

I went out this morning and watered all the plant spirits that I've relocated. Some are a little droopy and several of the smaller willows definitely look like they've given up the ghost. I talked to them all and blessed them as I watered them ... hoping they will be happy here.

I took some cuttings from my Rosemary bushes...stripped the bottom leaves...and pushed them into the ground around the little ones that appear to have given up. I know this isn't the usual way to root Rosemary but it benefits from being cut and if it doesn't root it can be in remembrance of the little ones.

This is one of my current reads. This passage resonated strongly with me today:

"Only when the ego is dropped can the voice of Spirit be heard. Most often it is in times of crisis...when our egos are humbled...that we are able to receive intuitive impressions and spiritual knowledge."

It made me wonder if having a blog and sharing my experiences is ego driven and something I should stop doing.

I'll think on that a while....and hope for guidance.

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Four Trees And An Update

My Bay Tree is looking like a happy camper! It's doubled in size since I planted it two weeks ago. I'll probably try to keep it in a pot so I can move it to a sheltered place each
winter since it's not really cold hardy in zone 7.

The Elderberry and Red Dogwood cuttings are looking promising. I've had them in water.. trying to root them before planting them outside but I just kinda felt like they would do better in soil so I put a little growth hormone on them and stuck them on the porch to see what happens. This may be one of those live and learn moments.

I relocated two of these cedar trees...more gifts from the feathered ones. Both were in places underneath grown trees where they would have to compete for a little sunshine.

This is a little volunteer Cherry Tree that came up beneath my big I've dug
it up and moved it to the area that I'm trying to rewild.

And this unhappy looking girl is an Oak that was relocated from my woods. I'm hoping she decides she likes it where I put her eventually.

I've still got plenty of dead fall from the recent storm for mulch and I have to say I'm loving the chipper I bought. I'm pretty sure it's already paid for itself.

Now I think I'm ready to put my feet up and stick my nose in a book for the rest of the afternoon....and maybe have an awesome cup of coffee!

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Casualties And Crossed Fingers

I was gifted this Sassafras Tree by one of
Earth's creatures...bird..animal...who knows.
I noticed it the other day in the middle of some
briars... being choked by vines. 

After I freed it from the vines I dug it
up and replanted it in the place I'm trying
to rewild. Poor little thing looks all
droopy even though I watered it well
after planting. The ground is pretty
saturated from the recent storm so I'm
hoping it'll perk up.

I also dug up this Winged Elm from
the edge of the woods on the back of
my place. It's probably way bigger than
is good for transplanting....and I'm aware
that I should have done this before it
leafed out is what it is. I'll just
give it as much TLC as I can and hope
it gets off to a good start.

This whole area has begun to fill with flowering
"weeds". I have no clue what they are and don't
care enough to look them up. I just like them!

These are everywhere too. I haven't seen the
bees around any of these yet...they've been too
busy with all the clover in another part of my place.

I'm so ready to scatter the wildflower seeds that I 
ordered but we aren't usually frost free until the end
of April so I'm holding off on that.
I checked on all the willows that I planted the other day.
There've been some casualties...mostly the ones that were
around toothpick size ... although some of those are doing 
well. I'll leave everyone alone for a while to see if they rally 
before replacing them.
 Now to see how the old back holds up. Tomorrow may be
a stay in and read day.

Monday, April 13, 2020

Oh Well......

We had a severe weather system come through
in the wee hours of this morning. Unlike a lot
of my neighbors...I was lucky...with no damage
to my trees loss of power.

they took a hit...and not for the first time.
I've repaired this chainsaw carving I did
of a owl twice before when it was damaged
by high winds. And the angel...I've lost 
count how many times I've repaired her
wings for the same reason. Sooooo.....
I think I'm giving up and chunking the owl
in the fire pile...along with the angel
wings. I'll have to see what I can come up
with to repurpose the angel into 
something else.

Thursday, April 9, 2020

I See The Moon

I got a new solar light!
I know this is a poor photo...
taken in the dark and thru the
screen on my porch. It makes
me happy to see this little moon
when I look out after dark. Of
course it doesn't compare to the
awesome display our moon just 
pulled off. 

There was no work on my property
today....I really need to come up with
a name for my place. There was a woman
that lived on this property... in a little log
cabin... before we bought it... named Perla.
Over the years... any time something
unexplainable happened around here... we 
always said it was I need to
include her name in whatever I choose.
I'll think on it.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020


Today's project...made a planter out of
an old log and put some Autumn Joy..
Vinca..and Lemon Balm in it since it
won't get watered often. Dude looks
like he's up to something wonky!

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

The Consequence Of Laziness

This is today's planting. I rescued this
holly from the woods beside a churchyard.

I also started another cold compost pile.
There is so much more I wanted to do today
after yesterday's rain but my back was like...
mmmmmmm...NO! I see how this is gonna
play out. One day's work and two days down
until I can get my muscles a little more fit.
That's what I get for sitting on my arse all
winter instead of staying active. Oh well...
one's better than none.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Happy Birthday To You.....

This Saturday is my firstborn's birthday.
I always like to give hand made gifts so I
made this candle holder for her.

I took the day off from working in my yard
to give my back a rest. Spent my day reading...
making this candle holder...and I baked a
sweet potato pie...the old timey kind with no
spices. I'm looking forward to a slice with
a good cup of coffee tomorrow. (I fast and
only eat one meal a day so no pie for me now.)

Our governor finally gave the order to stay home...
(me laughing out loud....) like someone has to
order me to stay home. That's what hermits do!

Sunday, April 5, 2020


Works like a charm!
I'm loving my new chipper! 

I planted six curly willow trees today
and mulched around all twenty eight.
Meanwhile...the rewilding is coming
right along....
 I don't know what this is but I
like it...
And lastly...the lady seems happy
this year. arse is dragging!

Saturday, April 4, 2020

And It Begins....

They're planted...twenty two willow trees...
all around the front of my property. I plan to
plant six curly willows today. It's always
nice to start out with things that just love
to grow so success it pretty much a given.
I've done a walk about my land and noted
many volunteer trees that I'll try relocating.
I think I may have a wild muscadine vine
back in the woods. I'll have to research it's
growing habit to see if it can be in full sun.
The wood chipper that I ordered came 
yesterday and I got it assembled last night.
 It's electric and the only kind I can afford...
plus maintaining gas powered tools is a my chainsaws. I watched a lot
of youtube videos and read reviews before
deciding on this model. I think it will serve
my needs well enough. I'm going to give
it a try today so I can mulch around all
the willows.

Friday, April 3, 2020

Oh My.....

Curly willow..hybrid dogwood...
elderberry... there's gonna be some planting
going on here soon. I can't wait to get the
willow established so I can start making some
living willow structures.

This little one is a sweet bay shrub. They don't
like living outside year round in zone 7 so 
I'm going to try to keep her in a pot....
something I'm not very good at doing. 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Thank You Lewis Rossignol

I think it is awesome that so many artists are giving free
 classes during our time of quarantine. Lewis Rossignol
 has long been one of my favorite artists and has been
sharing his creative process on his youtube channel.
This is my attempt after watchinghis latest video. I'm
looking forward to his collage process.

Thursday, March 26, 2020


The number thirteen is considered a sacred number by indigenous peoples.
During ancient times the year was divided into thirteen months because 
there were thirteen full moons in a year...and a woman's cycle is intimately
linked with the cycles of the moon. In those times women were greatly
honored because their bodies were synchronized with the heavens and 
able to create life...the same as Mother Earth.

The vast majority of people now have lost connection with Mother Earth
and seem intent on destroying her while forgetting it is She who supports
us. I think we will see more and more people give up the life of
consumerism and return to a more Earth based life once the restrictions
of this panic driven pandema are lifted...and I think women will
be the guides in this movement.

"I am a voice for the voiceless...
speaking for our Mother Earth."

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A Matter of Inspiration

Colette O'Neill of Bealtaine Cottage is such an inspiration. She bought this three acre piece of land:
and transformed it into this wonderland:

She has a book that tells of her journey... I don't have it yet but plan to order it as soon as
funds are available.
Colette also has a youtube channel where she documents her progress. In this time of being homebound with "the virus" it's been a great comfort to watch her videos. Grab a cup of coffee and enjoy her walk abouts.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Is There Anybody Out There?

Helloooooooooooo there anybody out there?

I've been AWOL for quite some time...just living life. Nothing particularly interesting to catch up on so....let's start anew.

I have decided to let the majority of my four acre property rewild....hopefully become woodland. When my family bought this land it was basically open field with all the topsoil sold off for profit by the previous owner. I've tried to "garden" here for the better part of forty plus years by amending spots for whatever I was planting. That being said...most things have not done well because when the roots hit below the amended soil they became unhappy campers. I have planted many trees and shrubs around the property that are thriving but not like they should....and I've kept about two acres of grass cut as lawn all this time (two acres are fenced pasture with sheep). 

Last year I read "The Garden Awakening" by Mary Reynolds.
Awesome book....highly recommended! And this past winter I ran across her website:
We Are The Ark which helped me to decide to rewild my land. She asks that each person make a sign to let others know what's going on. Here's mine:
I live on a very small budget so there won't be any scraping off the grass to start over or purchasing of native plants. My plan is to scavenge what I can from the fields and woods around here. I expect there will be a lot of poor plants that won't make it after I rehome them but I'm gonna try.

I'm already lucky enough to have plenty of wildlife and rabbits to name a few. I have an abundant amount of insects...even honey bees...though not housed here on my property.
I even had some white wild yarrow just show up last year:
My plan is to document my journey here...successes and failures. I'm ready to get started but will have to work around the pollen for a little longer because of my allergies. I'm hoping to get some things started on light rainy days so I can be out. I've got several volunteer trees and a few shrubs I'd like to move. ( I know...should have done that last fall but it's gonna be done now).

Wish me (and all my little plant spirits) luck!

Friday, May 24, 2019


so thankful there are people like this
in this consumerism driven world....

Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Moon Wisdom


Monday, May 6, 2019

Sacred House



Saturday, May 4, 2019

The Scent of Fresh Wood

"the scent of fresh wood is among the last things
you will forget when the veil falls.

the scent of fresh white wood in spring sap time:
as though life itself walked by you
with dew in its hair.

that sweet and naked smell kneeling woman-soft
and blond in the silence inside you
using your bones for a willow flute.

with hard frost beneath your tongue
you look for fire to light a word..and know..
mild as southern wind in the mind
there is still one thing in the world
you can trust." 

the Standing Ones
always a part of me

Friday, May 3, 2019

It's A Keeper

i've baked my own bread for
years..usually sour dough
in loaf pans
my first attempt baking
in a dutch oven using
a basic flour..yeast..salt
and water recipe

nice hard shell
the best part:
i could hear it talking
when i turned it out
onto the board

think this recipe will 
be a keeper

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Angel of Menopause

lawd yes