Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Standing to Applaud Lucy Hilmer

vulnerability….scary stuff

why is it that we would chew our own foot off rather
than expose ourselves to others?
this was especially the case in my younger
years although as i age it becomes less of an issue…
(which is kinda scary considering a glimpse of my younger
 self was way easier on the eye). 

i think for women body image is one of our greatest 
vulnerabilities so when i came across photographer
Lucy Hilmers series of selfies taken each year on
her birthday…dressed in only her underpants..socks..
and shoes…i wanted to stand and applaud!

she began taking her pictures on her twenty ninth
birthday and continues today at the age of sixty nine.
she did admit that she kept them to herself until
recently but is now publishing a book of the series.

at an age when society tells us we should just fade
into the background Lucy Hilmer has the courage to
look at me….
i'm still here…
i matter…
i am enough...

Monday, August 25, 2014

You Sure Did Grow Up to Be Old…...

i had a good laugh today as a read a journal entry from
a couple of years ago on my birthday. one of my grans
told me "you sure did grow up to be old"….i wonder what
that makes me now?

i was looking for a new journal when i found this one on
etsy by ZeebenDry:

i MUST have this!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

We'll All Become Stories…..

today finds me beginning my 61st year.
my inner child looks out the portals of this faithful old body…
filled with the battle scars of life (physical and mental) and
tries to reconcile the inside with the out. how is it that we
have a Peter Pan spirit while our physical body breaks
 down with the living of life.

i spent the day quietly…listening to soft voices whispering the
stories of my past ….sensing somehow that the best
is yet to come with the turning of this new blank page…my pencil
is sharpened…poised to scratch out the rest of the story.

in the end…we'll all become stories…..

Friday, August 15, 2014

Finally……an Update

(image via

Just to let you know….
this is what I've been up to….