Monday, October 15, 2012

made of stardust......

rebel n : one who rebels
opposes or disobeys authority

she refused to live by the rules set forth by society
choosing instead to follow the words whispered to
her by the ancients.....words for which there is no
human translation...a primal language...felt rather
than heard....telling her...
you are made of stardust...
gathered from all your past lifetimes...

Thursday, October 11, 2012

a boxy, insecure, wise ass, introverted doodler

here's a cold hard fact...
i'm a doodler. yep...a doodler! pretty much 
every paper..envelope..calendar..whatever.. is covered 
in doodles. case in point.. a scrap from my desk at work.

i'm not alone...there's even a doodlers anonymous.

evidently doodles can be analyzed just like handwriting
a quick search on google turned up these interpretations:

- Doodles of people tend to reflect the writer's self-image or body image.

- Doodles of houses can indicate how secure-or insecure-someone feels.

- Pictures of animals can show sensitivity to others' needs or feelings.

- Pictures of boxes can indicate organization and structure.

- Abstract images with lots of lines and angles can show that the person is a very
 critical thinker (being able to go from Point A to Point B), whereas abstracts that
 are more curved can show warmth, openness, and flexibility.

- Flowers can indicate growth and development-or its lack!
(One thing to consider: Are the flowers alive or dead?)

- Heavy pressure can show strength, decisiveness, and determination.

- Large doodles may be done by someone who is extroverted and
likes attention. Small doodles may come from someone who can
 focus well, has good motor coordination, and is more reserved.

so my body image is "boxy"....hmm sounds about right..
TWO houses...REALLY insecure!
an owl isn't really an animal but considered "wise"...wise ass? ..yeah
i do see some "boxy" square self is organized!
lots of angles AND curves.. my thinking appears a little ac/dc
there's some heavy pressure in there...determination...i gots it!
all this on a 4 x 6 inch scrap paper so... introverted....absolutely!
(which reminds me of a GREAT article by Eli Bishop on introverts.)

who knew doodling could be so informative.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Ten Words and One Shot

who doesn't love a peek inside an artists space?
here's a glimpse inside my humble studio....and's pretty much
always this messy ( i spend LOTS of time looking for stuff!)
and that old beat up recliner is where i greet the morning
with a cup of joe or sit and gaze at the stars on the nights
i'm not doing a little porch sitting. it's my favorite spot
inside my home.


i ran across the blog  tenwordsandoneshot .
"Ten words to outline and one shot to give you an idea."
that's the concept. it lets you get into the mind and workspace
 of some very creative people.

i love Stampingtons magazine...Where Women Create for the same reason.

as C.S. Lewis said: "we read to know we are not alone".

i'm thanking the cyber gods for giving me the opportunity
to find my pack!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


a Haley Morris animated film:
"a drifting man struggles to pull objects from the roiling sea below him
and scrambles to keep the objects from slipping through his fingers." a
representation of the progression of alzheimers disease inspired by
morris's grandfather.

alzheimers is such a cruel disease
robbing the person of their memories
and their loved ones of the person

today i am remembering my mother
whom i lost a year and a half before
she passed

sending kisses and hugs on the wind...

Monday, October 8, 2012

another rainy monday...

"talkin' to myself and feelin' old
sometimes I'd like to quit
nothin' ever seems to fit
hangin' around
nothin' to do but frown
rainy days and mondays
always get me down...."

i'm sitting here having a cup of joe
and nursing a throbbing finger (i stabbed myself
with a pair of scissors in my studio last evening) as
i prepare to head out into this
cool...rainy day to call on a few folks
with bigger problems than mine. with times
like these burglaries are all too common in
our little part of the world. their loss of valuables
is nothing compared to their loss of security.
we can't always find the thieves and return their items
but my goal for the day is to try and put a smile on
their face and hopefully ease their fears.

i hope you're warm and safe this crisp fall morning.
this public servant is sending up prayers for those in need.....