Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

have a safe and happy halloween!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


this tree is behind the log home that i slip off to when i need to unwind a little. it's magnificent. i love this shot of the tree because she actually frames herself.
i'm a touchy..... feely..... kind of with other you would think.....but things. i HAVE to feel textures.....shapes. you know.... everywhere you go now you're being filmed by security cameras. i must give security either a cause to sit up and take notice or a good laugh because i can't go ANYWHERE without running my hands over things that catch my eye. i suppose it's the artist in me......but it's also more. when i touch this tree it's like i can feel it's life force. immediately my mind sees....creates.....little stories of things that have happened in it's presence. i know i'm not the only one.....walt whitman wrote: "why are there trees i never walk under but large and melodious thoughts descend upon me?" i'll bet walt would have liked this one.

Monday, October 27, 2008


i don't know about you but i'm sure enjoying the last vestiges of summer. with everything rapidly turning to shades of brown these little pops of color lure me around the yard every time i arrive home.
i feel the need to burn these images into my them for the coming cold days......before they curl in on themselves and lay down for their winters' nap.

it appears i'm not the only one gathering the last of summer.

enjoy while you can....little friend........summer has relinquished her throne.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


what a wonderful sentiment...........................................rob ryan blog and etsy shop.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

the farm

today was such a nice day that i decided to go to the farm and share my lunch with walker. more important than feeding my body......i come here to feed my soul.
this is the view from the deck off the back of the house. i used to sit out here with a cup of joe watching the sun rise and late at night..... under the most amazing display of stars you ever saw.

this was the landing strip where we made the first pass in the plane to get the cows out of the way and then landed....up hill....coming to a stop just feet before the large tree you see at the end.

there's still plenty of wildlife around.....deer, turkeys, fox, more more horses........

these leaves reminded me of my space cowboy and dead and gone......the other in the fall of her life.

the creek that runs across the lower pasture is mostly rock at this point. it's called......yep......rocky creek. folks around here like to park below the pasture and play on the rock in the summer. have to drive thru the creek to get up and down the road. it really freaks some folks out......i always loved it.

if you'll look closely at this picture you'll see a vine shaped like a heart at the base of this tree. very heart lies here too.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

charleston, sc

i took me a little jaunt down to charleston these past few days. if you're not familiar......charlestown is a VERY southern town full to the brim with the past.....old rice plantations and homes. we went down for the fall tour of homes and took in a couple of the plantations while there. here's the brochure from middleton of the plantations. the grounds and gardens are spectacular.....the buildings and artifacts full of history. if any of you are computer challenged.....clicking on the picture will open it larger so you can read the small print.

we ended our tour of middleton place with a wonderful meal at their restaurant. they had quail, duck, catfish, chicken, and carolina pulled pork with corn souffle, squash casserole, hoppin' john (black eyed peas and rice), and collards with peach casserole, pecan pie, or key lime pie for dessert. sooooooooooo good!
the tour of homes was by candle light.....the night a perfect.....crisp...fall night to be traipsing all thru the historical district..... drooling over the homes and gardens that most of us will just be able to dream about. for those of you who have not been to charleston......go!

and ....of course.....we ate seafood at hyman's restaurant. i had a deep fried grits patty covered with salmon and a garlic sauce.....yum! don't even think about going to charleston and not partaking of the famous pralines.........ohhhhh sookie sookie! be sure to eat at least for each hip!
and now.... here i am....back in the real world.....back to the daily grind.....crap! i need a cup of joe!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

inconspicuously absent

just jody will be inconspicuously absent for a while. traveling? beamed up? hmmmmmmmmmmm..........maybe this guy knows.

Monday, October 13, 2008

ya gotta treat yourself to this one

have you ever been trolling for new sites and happened across one that is sooooo delicious that you don't even want to share it with others? usually.... i'm all about...hey ya'll.....looky here...... but this is a site i've been hoarding for some time now. this blog appeals to me on soooo many levels. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING artist......and a traveler! i won't even tease with a picture or two. you MUST see for yourself. get a good cup of joe, settle down in a comfortable chair, and lose yourself for a while here. let me know what ya think. meanwhile.....must sell art to purchase clock....must sell art to purchase clock........must sell art to purchase clock.........

Saturday, October 11, 2008

home is home

i got my post today..... from tina.... it's the birthday giveaway piece that i won.....a mixed media piece called home. LOVE it, tina! i decided when i won that it would go on the mantel over my fireplace.
and look......a PRIZE! don't we all love to get prizes!
THANKS, tina! it's going on the mantel too.
i finished my thanksgiving turkey today. after searching for over a month for just the right feet i said the hell with it and made some out of wire. wasn't exactly what i wanted but i guess it works. she's gonna be my centerpiece.

what a pleasant day........time in the studio and goodies in the post from another artist. now...... for a cup of joe.....................

Friday, October 10, 2008

po po stumpyman

heeeeeeeeeee's baaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccccccccckkkkkk! ready to protect and serve...........and eat doughnuts! dashing fellow......don't ya think?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my gypsy soul

from as far back as i can remember i have felt the pull of the road. i have always dreamed of leaving....even as a small child. i don't know what pulls at me or where i'm supposed to end up....the feeling's just always been there. i suppose i was born with a gypsy soul. i've never been content to stay in one place for too long.'s like a lover's whisper in my ear....beaconing me to some far away place..... high up into the hear the waves crashing on the shore.....across the sea to all the wonders that await there....i've thought of all these places of late with a longing so keen that it aches. "there is something in october sets the gypsy blood astir, we must rise and follow her; when from every hill of flame, she calls and calls each vagabond by name." - william bliss carman

Monday, October 6, 2008

mo signs of fall

our local roadside market swung into fall this past week in preparation for halloween and thanksgiving. pumpkins and gourds, and cornstalks.....oh my! i love the earthy fall colors. it's so much fun watching everyone searching for the perfect pumpkin. gotta pick up some indian corn.
these pumpkins are called peanut pumpkins. i can see why.... those thingys do resemble peanut shells.
color me "smitten".....i want one of each!

and.....of course.....i had to make a trip inside the market first for a butter pecan ice cream cone to keep me company while i did some serious lookin' for MY perfect pumpkin. i know....i know.....a slip of the lip pads the was worth it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

looky here, looky here!

i won! i won! insert "happy dance" here! tina wright had a giveaway for her blogaversiry/birthday and i won the HOME piece. how great is that? i know just where i'll hang it. tina is the talented lady that shared her fairies in the glass idea that i used to make my sister in law's bank teller fairy. thanks for the HOME piece and for sharing your creations, tina.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

ben strawn

check out ben strawn, a painter from fayetteville, arkansas. he posts paintings on his journal them!

on his web site,, he also has dolls along with more illustrations.

aren't these amazing? visit his sites and see his other creations. his wife, jessica robin also has some dolls on his web site that are great too.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

jeremy mayer

wow! look at these sculptures made by artist jeremy mayer made from vintage typewriters!

they're amazing works on any level, but............he uses no soldering, welding, or glue. be sure to check out his site.