Saturday, March 23, 2013


This rainy afternoon finds me sitting in my studio...the smell of coffee and a fresh baked
lemon pound cake teasing my senses. I come in here often to in an old
beat up recliner beside a window facing the woods.

By all rights I should be stressed over the loss of my job....there's no money coming in..
my employer is trying to block my savings to speak of. But instead of
stress all I feel is a profound a huge burden has been lifted from me. I sit here
watching the birds wing from tree to tree...a rabbit streaking into the brush...I'm toasty
and content...and blessed.

There's a new page that has been turned...spring in season and the beginning of the
next chapter in this crones life. Peace....and gratitude....and love.

Thank you Spirit...Greater Spirits...Angels...Ancient Grandmother...Ancient Ones...Animal
Spirits....and all who guide and watch over me....Ai ya oh ah ya....Ai ya oh ya!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Grandmother Moons Blessing's almost here!
A time of renewal and new flower children
are peeking out all over...

It's also a time of renewal and new beginnings for me....a renewal
of my true self and a new start for the next phase of my life. I've 
spent the last thirteen years working in an environment that was 
so toxic and negative...for me personally... that I feel I've lost who
I truly am. I was a Law Enforcement Victim Advocate...a noble
profession...but one filled with so much pain and negativity...both from
the public I worked with and the judicial system including those working
in it. I've wanted to change careers for a while now but with my 60th
birthday looming I was dragging my feet...worrying who would hire
someone my age. 

Well that decision was taken out of my hands yesterday when I was "released
from employment" by our new sheriff...not because of anything I've done or 
didn't do....that's just the chance we take working for the sheriffs office. 
Every four years we automatically don't have a job and have to reapply
even if the same sheriff takes office.  So as of today I am officially a
lady of leisure. What will I do now? I'm not sure. I hope to be able 
to draw unemployment for a while and concentrate on my art. I've 
never had the confidence to put my art out for sale and I see this as
the kick in the rear I needed to do just that. I do know one thing for sure....
I feel nothing but tremendous relief at being out of all that negative
energy. I've spent today outside thanking the universe for this opportunity
 and remembering as I looked up at the moon last night
how she "smiled" down on me and gave me her blessings.

Thursday, March 14, 2013


Do any of you sell your work on Redbubble?
I signed up and uploaded some of my digital art this week and 
received an email this morning telling me this piece had been 
selected to post on their home page for today.

If anyone is interested in purchasing a piece of my work
you can find me here.