Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Four Trees And An Update

My Bay Tree is looking like a happy camper! It's doubled in size since I planted it two weeks ago. I'll probably try to keep it in a pot so I can move it to a sheltered place each
winter since it's not really cold hardy in zone 7.

The Elderberry and Red Dogwood cuttings are looking promising. I've had them in water.. trying to root them before planting them outside but I just kinda felt like they would do better in soil so I put a little growth hormone on them and stuck them on the porch to see what happens. This may be one of those live and learn moments.

I relocated two of these cedar trees...more gifts from the feathered ones. Both were in places underneath grown trees where they would have to compete for a little sunshine.

This is a little volunteer Cherry Tree that came up beneath my big I've dug
it up and moved it to the area that I'm trying to rewild.

And this unhappy looking girl is an Oak that was relocated from my woods. I'm hoping she decides she likes it where I put her eventually.

I've still got plenty of dead fall from the recent storm for mulch and I have to say I'm loving the chipper I bought. I'm pretty sure it's already paid for itself.

Now I think I'm ready to put my feet up and stick my nose in a book for the rest of the afternoon....and maybe have an awesome cup of coffee!

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