Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Casualties And Crossed Fingers

I was gifted this Sassafras Tree by one of
Earth's creatures...bird..animal...who knows.
I noticed it the other day in the middle of some
briars... being choked by vines. 

After I freed it from the vines I dug it
up and replanted it in the place I'm trying
to rewild. Poor little thing looks all
droopy even though I watered it well
after planting. The ground is pretty
saturated from the recent storm so I'm
hoping it'll perk up.

I also dug up this Winged Elm from
the edge of the woods on the back of
my place. It's probably way bigger than
is good for transplanting....and I'm aware
that I should have done this before it
leafed out but...it is what it is. I'll just
give it as much TLC as I can and hope
it gets off to a good start.

This whole area has begun to fill with flowering
"weeds". I have no clue what they are and don't
care enough to look them up. I just like them!

These are everywhere too. I haven't seen the
bees around any of these yet...they've been too
busy with all the clover in another part of my place.

I'm so ready to scatter the wildflower seeds that I 
ordered but we aren't usually frost free until the end
of April so I'm holding off on that.
I checked on all the willows that I planted the other day.
There've been some casualties...mostly the ones that were
around toothpick size ... although some of those are doing 
well. I'll leave everyone alone for a while to see if they rally 
before replacing them.
 Now to see how the old back holds up. Tomorrow may be
a stay in and read day.

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