Friday, April 17, 2020

Bent And Creaking

Got out this morning and started some cuttings:  Butterfly Bush...Hydrangea...Lady Banks Rose. I've never been very successful with cuttings but it only cost me a little energy since I already had the pots...soil...and rooting hormone powder.

Relocated some Lemon Balm and mint to around the log planter so it can spread.

Dug up a couple of pieces of Jasmine from the back of my property and planted them in front of this dead Ornamental Cherry so it will climb. I've left that tree for the birds and critters. There was also a sprig of Virginia Creeper with a few roots that came up with the Jasmine so I stuck it in the ground. Might be too small to make it but I've got lots more to relocate.

Relocated two Wild Cherry trees and I'm ashamed to say I wasn't very careful about planting them...just opened the ground with the shovel and stuck them in. Around here they are really prolific so I'm thinking they'll be ok.

I've got to move these roses. They're around my Mom's house that is here on my property. It's become derelict and I hope to have it torn down before I need to move the shrubs from around it. My Mom was not a gardener but she loved flowers so I planted them for her. Nothing gave her more joy than sitting on her porch watching the birds...especially the humming birds...flit around the flowers. There's a Butterfly Bush...Hydrangea...Nandina...and some others that I've forgotten what they are that will need to be moved also.

I miss the days when I could work the whole day in the yard and feel like a day well spent. My sixty six year old back and knees complain loudly now with just a half days work. It's still a good feeling to end the day with dirt under my nails and well worked muscles...even if I have to hobble off to bed bent and creaking.

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