Thursday, November 24, 2016

Thanks Given

i have so much more to be thankful for than i could ever list here.

this old faithful body still carries me through each achingly beautiful
day...i am still filled with curiosity and wonder at all this earth has to
offer...i can explore each day under deep blue skies and sit each
night cloaked in stars as i feel the moon's heartbeat...and the knowing
of this fills my heart with a gladness that is palatable...i still think fiercely...hope relentlessly...and breathe in God's love
for me...i am protected by angels and provided for by the universe...
and i bow my head daily in gratitude for this. i am truly blessed...
and on this day of giving thanks...i send blessings to each of you.
happy thanksgiving...

Monday, November 21, 2016

The Warmth of HIS Hands

i meditate
each morning upon rising
and again each afternoon with
a 'walk and talk'.
the cold of the shadows then the
warmth of the sun likens the feeling
i get when asking God to lay his hands
upon me...
and i feel....

Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Warrior My Mother Raised.....

how is it that we lose ourselves in the wanting instead of the having?
i have found that the more time i spend alone the less i want...and i have
spent most of this lifetime alone. my few forays from this way of life have
all taken a toll on my well being....always something like standing on a
precipice when you are bipolar. we bipolars see the world through different
eyes...we think deeper...feel deeper...over analyze every situation...and when
we let ourselves get too happy...too content...we self sabotage because we
don't think we deserve that...and retreat again into our own private worlds.

i've added another mark on this old scarred heart of mine. i knew better than
to 'want'. i fought this last battle like the warrior that my mother raised...but...
now...bloody and spent...i head bowed in acceptance. it was
inexpressibly beautiful while it lasted... i will always count it as one of
my blessings. and always...i will meet each day with the best that
i have to give...and with prayers... and gratitude...and a wonderment for life.