Monday, September 8, 2008

mo junkin

here are the rest of the pictures i took on my junkin trip this past weekend. i think these are sap buckets, not really sure, i was just drawn to the colors. this enamel ware caught my eye. anything blue usually does.
who doesn't love yellow ware. the guy at this booth told me several years back a woman tried to scam him by taking a picture of his yellow ware to the police and telling them it had been stolen from her home. it takes all kinds!
these poor bodyless guys appeared to be in deep thought. i guess with only a head that's pretty much all they could do!
i like to use some of these jars for my fairies. of course.... i loved the blue ones.
this lady had a virtual candy store for the mixed media artist. she told me hanna blew her up the coast trying to make a buck. there was so much great stuff....buttons, beads, old hardware, old game pieces, old pictures, marbles, old jewelry, doo dads.... you name it. i spent a huge amount of time digging thru her things.
she also had this mannequin head. again.......very contemplative!
i don't know what these are but the colors were nice. i'd put some candles in one and use it as a center piece on my table.
i really wanted one of these bird houses but they were $69.00.... too pricey for me. there was a barn red one that kept calling my name every time i got close. they were made from reclaimed wood and tin.

i'm gonna have to stick back a little green and make this trip again first of october. the weather should be great for junkin and i may partake of a little "fair food" while i browse.


cindee said...

Wow all great stuff. I love those enamelware pots. The mannequin head is neat too. Bird house is pretty pricey. I would have to pass too.

Carla said...

WOW! You have quite an eye!

PS said...

Fun Blog !!
Still viewing...


Debbie said...

Okay I want to go there too! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!