Wednesday, September 3, 2008

tom haney

check out these articulated art pieces by tom haney. i love these. some are electric, some are hand cranked, some key turned. this piece is called fly away home and this one is down boy. soooooooo cute.
he also does figures. this one is margaret. don't you love that she's imperfect. in his artist statement, mr. haney says, "for the most part, i approach my work searching for that characteristic of the human spirit that struggles to overcome anything fate can throw it's way. i've always been on the side of the underdog, rooting for the little guy. their lives and stories inspire me." tom haney inspires me!
and check out these drawers. when you pull out the middle drawer the couple looks at each other.
check out his site here. i especially like that he takes us step by step thru the process of making these wonderful art pieces.

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Lovely pieces.
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I'll have to save your link.

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