Saturday, September 6, 2008


we were expecting rainy weather today, compliments of hanna, but were pleasantly surprised with an overcast, breezy, wonderful day to go junkin, so i grabbed my camera and headed up above charlotte to the metrolina expo. they have an antiques and flea market the first weekend of each month. i try to hit the little guys selling in the open lot out of their trucks more than the dealers inside the buildings, although i do make a cursory lap around all the buildings just so i don't miss anything i might couldn't live without. there's always soooooo much to look at and i have to see and touch everything. i loved this old door. if i had it i'd put it on a garden shed or outside studio.
i'm drawn to colors like a moth to the light. these chairs caught my eye.
and i'm always, always, looking for colorful bottles.
old cameras guarantee a stop every time.
this steinway was marvelous! it was playing the prettiest music. i tried to get a good shot of the inside behind the glass but wasn't lucky enough to capture the magic.
of course these folk dolls got my attention.
and these birds, they looked like they could be sitting on a power line or a fence singing their morning songs.
i didn't find what i went for, the individual silverware holders that you stack forks or knives in. i saw plenty that you just lay the knife across but i've been searching for the "u" shaped ones that you can stack several pieces in. i also have a piece in my studio that i'm working on that needs feet. it's a bird made from an old oil can with a flexible neck. it just started out as a plain bird but now i'm thinking it may be the centerpiece turkey for my thanksgiving table. i found plenty of old hardware that would have worked but i'm not in to paying $15 - $20 dollars for found art! all in all, i had a great day. i purchased a few goodies for my studio, had chicken scampi at the olive garden, and a cup of java from caffino's for the ride home. life is good.


cindee said...

Wow look at all that stuff. The doll looks like one that someone i know makes. Funny how things end up. Glad you had a great day!

Carla said...

WHAT FUN! And how smart of you to photograph it to use later! I'm looking forward to seeing your oil can bird!

Kim Carney said...

i am so jealous!