Monday, September 22, 2008

celebration cupcake

i was invited to a celebration party for someone who just got their american citizenship this past weekend. in these times when we have so many illegals in our country it made me awfully proud that someone would work so hard to be a part of our country. i had just gotten my september/october 2008 cloth.paper.scissors magazine and read the article by sue pelletier on her cupcake concoctions so i decided that this would be a nice little gift to welcome our new american. i dug around in my studio and came up with enough stuff to make this cupcake. his citizenship was granted on july 31, 2008. i know you can't really read the light print behind the date but it's the pledge of allegiance.
he had a wonderful party. his wife out did herself decorating everything in red, white, and blue, with flags. and the food...........OMG! our county supervisor sent him a plaque welcoming him to our country and county. it was a beautiful night to be out under the stars, the weather was perfect.....i hope this is a harbinger of his future here in the u s of a!

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Kim Carney said...

that is totally perfect and adorable!