Saturday, April 4, 2020

And It Begins....

They're planted...twenty two willow trees...
all around the front of my property. I plan to
plant six curly willows today. It's always
nice to start out with things that just love
to grow so success it pretty much a given.
I've done a walk about my land and noted
many volunteer trees that I'll try relocating.
I think I may have a wild muscadine vine
back in the woods. I'll have to research it's
growing habit to see if it can be in full sun.
The wood chipper that I ordered came 
yesterday and I got it assembled last night.
 It's electric and the only kind I can afford...
plus maintaining gas powered tools is a my chainsaws. I watched a lot
of youtube videos and read reviews before
deciding on this model. I think it will serve
my needs well enough. I'm going to give
it a try today so I can mulch around all
the willows.

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