Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Who knew....?

Brianne Boyd....of Sweet Limes...had a giveaway recently for three lucky
people to win a piece of her artwork. I was one of the lucky ones and picked
these sassy ladies! Love her work!

And on North Light Books'  Mixed Media Blog I entered a friend in an
Art Retreat giveaway. She's had a really rough year and I have my fingers
crossed that she'll be the winner. This morning I received an email from
Tonia Jenny at North Light Books saying I was one of four winners to 
get a free book of my choice from their site because I had entered a friend
in their giveaway. I must have missed that little tidbit when I read the blog!
I picked Art Revolution - Alternative Approaches in Art by Lisa Cyr.

Who knew that when you become ridiculously happy that the Universe
conspires to make you even happier?

Sending up many thanks.......

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