Monday, July 29, 2013

If a tree falls in the forest........

I'm taking a one week online class with Diane Culhane called
Between Speech & Silence.  I've been looking forward to this
class for over a week now.....excited! Well...of day
ended up wonky and out of whack from the git go! I didn't get
to watch the video and do my assignment until late this afternoon.

Day one is about "taking a line for a walk".....basically a line using only angular with a mix of
angular and circular...and one incorporating recognizable
figures. Boy was like being back in grade school!

This one was my angular shapes. After looking at the finished
picture I thought....if a tree falls in the forest and there's no
one around....does it make a sound?

This was my angular/circular drawing....I kinda ended up with
recognizable things....ooops!

And last....the combo with recognizable shapes. space cowboy must have been on
my mind.

Then I had the old....I can't post this in the Flickr group...
it's not as good as the other posts. WHY do we do that to
ourselves???? This is just supposed to be FUN!


Just Jubby said...

Mmmm, just why do we do that??? Reassuring I guess that the "best" of the "best" seem to suffer the same affliction! I love the pieces you've been working on Jody - colorful and lively :)

just jody said...

Thanks Jubby....I've enjoyed this class. I think the next class I take I'll leave off posting any of my assignments in the group posts and concentrate on the learning experience. Thanks for visiting!