Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Something from nothing.......

Alrighty then.....on day two of Diane Culhanes class we glued bits of
textured pictures torn from a magazine onto two pieces of cardboard.
On one we just blindly arranged the pieces and then had to find a
picture in the mess...outline it with a heavy lined marker...and then
gesso around the image.  On the second one we could "plan" our
image....selecting pieces and arranging them on the background...
marking around the image....then gesso.
The girl collecting wood was my "found" image and the
shaman was planned.

Day three we had to use red, white, blue, and yellow
paints to mix our own colors and colorize our images.
I'm confessing right now.....I NEED HELP with color
theory!!!! Here are my finished pictures....

I'm really enjoying this class and seeing everyones art has
been wonderful. Only two days left...  :(


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