Tuesday, July 2, 2013

La Chienne

Artrage......I think I've conquered you!
This is my finished piece....tweaked in Photoshop.

I opened Noteshelf and imported a picture of a
music sheet then sketched a simple dog.

On a new page I imported a background that
I made in my studio and started sketching my girl... then
went to the dog sketch page and cut & copied the dog...
went back to the girl picture and pasted the dog on.

Next I opened the picture in Artrage and added her
head, some sketching, and a little added color.

And as you see in the first picture I took this one
to Photoshop and added the glasses, cloud, text, 
and some "brush stamps". I haven't been able to
rotate text in Noteshelf so I used PS.

Moving on to Procreate.....


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