Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Outside the Box

Procreate....a lot like a simplified version of Photoshop
but with mixed media brushes for crayons, markers,
and such. I have to say....I like it!

The picture above was "tweaked" in PS...I added the
text, scan code, and stars on the face.

I started off with a background that I doodled in

I also started the face in Paper53. The brush in this app
allows for a watercolor look that blends well.

After importing the background and face I brought in a
picture of some newspaper and erased parts to make 
the body. That's really neat to be able to take a pic
with your Ipad and import it into this app. The tie, legs,
hair, circles around the green, and the top and right
borders were made with texture brushes. The rest I
just sketched in using the technical pen and ink brush.
I saved this as a jpg (you can also create pngs with
this app by turning off the background before saving!)
and opened it in PS to complete the picture.

I do miss having paint under my nails....and I plan to
incorporate some pieces done in the studio with my 
digital work....but.....this app only cost $4.99. That's
for unlimited papers, brushes, paints, stencils, stamps....
and I can carry my studio (my Ipad) where ever I want
to paint....the shop....stuck in traffic.... get the picture. Love! Love! Love!


peggy said...

Jody, I keep looking at all your art, I am so fascinated by it, at the same time not understanding how you do it. I decided I don't have to in order to love it, so I just scroll away.

just jody said...

Peggy...did your children or grans ever play with Colorforms...those little pictures with plastic pieces that allowed you to change clothes or whatever on the "paperdolls"? That's basically the way layers work in digital art. You start with a background layer and each additional layer you add is like laying a piece of clear plastic over the previous layer and adding another piece of the picture. Each eye, body, tree, on its own piece of clear "plastic" that are stacked on top of one another and lets you see the multiple layers as one finished picture. My favorite thing lately is using pieces of my older art to make a new one.

Hope that helps understand the process. Thanks for visiting!