Monday, February 9, 2009

they do walk among us

it's really a shame that when someone does something very nice it's extraordinary instead of the norm. maybe it's just my line of work.......the fact that i deal with such ugliness on a daily basis.....but i was surprised today by a genuine act of kindness. my mother was an avid reader and had a rather large library of books at the time of her passing. i donated the books to a small community library in our county so others could benefit from her collection. i stopped in today....... while i was working in the lower end of our county....... for a short break. the librarian motioned me over and told me she had something for of my mother's books......a 1945 edition of "Rebecca" by daphne du maurier......signed by the author. she said she knew i'd want to keep this one. that book was screaming EBAY to the top of it's lungs but that librarian has been saving it to give back to me for several months now. there are still good people among us.....contrary to what you see every night on the news.....or read about in the papers.......they just don't get recognized because the media would rather sensationalize peoples' misfortunes. a heartfelt "thank you" to that librarian.......she's been a bright spot in my day.

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