Sunday, February 1, 2009

dirt under my fingernails

what a glorious......glorious weekend! finally......sunshine.....60 degrees....oh happy dance....oh happy dance! i spent both days working in the yard ......something i'm sure i'll pay for in the morning...... but i am sooooo not complaining! dirt under my fingernails......sun on my face.......i did some tidying up and checking on my "chillrens". the lambs ear seems to be wintering over well. winter daphne.....looking good girl!

a piece of rosemary that i stuck in a pot smelled heavenly when i brushed up against her.

these hens and chicks give a nice bit of color.

these two appeared to be enjoying the sunshine as much as i did.

what a beautiful end to a beautiful weekend. this sunset took my breath away........

now..............get thee behind me satan.......cause i'm gonna have a cup of joe and look at seed catalogs...........look out pocketbook!


Carla said...

aaahhhh dirt-therapy! A happy gardener is a dirty gardener!!!

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