Thursday, February 5, 2009

my garden lady

i've been spending a lot of time lately cleaning up and organizing files on my computer. it's been fun discovering pictures long forgotten. here is a picture of a garden lady that i made for my sister in law. for those of you not familiar with the garden lady....she holds a flower pot on her lap......between her gloved hands.

my sister in law used her as a prop for our garden club's booth during the local fall festival. she told me she had to stand guard over her lady because everyone was trying to buy her. i've been collecting some old chairs in hopes of getting myself in gear and making a few of these ladies to sell at our farmers market. i guess i need to start junking for some clothes for my girls i need an excuse to go junking!

1 comment:

Carla said...

she is darling! I can see LOTS of people wanting her, with or without the pot of flowers:)