Friday, January 9, 2009

getting the fever while running a fever

it sure seems like a lot of folks are getting the fever to get out and start gardening. i keep hearing from myself......that are drooling over the new seed catalogs. there's a giveawy on art by naomi who says she's craving a little green and wanting some spring. I hear ya girl.

i'm still VERY crippled with this broken foot. it's really been a hurtful thing. the break is in the joint between the big toe and the bone behind it. i'm having photo shooting withdrawal symptoms......can't go the time i get home from work (thankfully i'm on desk duty!) my foot's hurting so bad i'm in a fog and can't even enjoy reading everyone's blogs. i know......want a little cheese with that whine? sorry.

i hope i'll be able to work in my woodworking shop this weekend. i've got some great ideas for some crucifixs made with found objects that i can't wait to get started on. i've also ordered susan tuttle's new book....exhibition 36 mixed media demonstrations and explorations....and i'm keeping my fingers crossed that it will arrive tomorrow. i am soooooo book and magazine poor....but i wouldn't have it any other way. for those of us who don't have a loaf of bread, a jug of wine, and you beside me.......a good read and a great cuppa joe is a pretty good tradeoff.

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Carla said...

I hope you have a great weekend! (In spite of the terrible broke foot-ugh!)