Monday, January 19, 2009

paul g. busse

i have chosen to live most of my life plum nearly off the map. every so often i think of moving to the big city but i don't really think my spirit would survive with so much concrete. the major drawback of country living for me is cultural events. they are non existant in the town i call home and it's a pretty good drive to the nearest city. i do make trips when i can and i sure wish i'd been able to go to the united states botanic garden to see the "windows to wonderland" exibit by paul g. busse and his crew of applied imagination. it was featured this past november 27th thru january 4. can't you just imagine this "old woman in the shoe" in your own fairy garden?

and this gpysy camp...........LOVE it!

paul busse and his crew are the ones who do all those amazing train exhibits in the gardens around the states. there's even a dvd that you can order on his site of the pbs documentary of his work. be sure to check out the schedule on his site to see if they will be coming to a garden near you. i'd sure love to see one up close and personal.


Carla said...

we are 'boonie' dwellers also- LOVE the shoe! Guy has skills, huh?

Kudzu said...

Hi Jody, just stopping by from the Garden Web!