Friday, January 2, 2009

sleeping very badly

i was searching thru my junkin finds for some materials when i came across these journals. i'd forgotten about having them. i got them up in north carolina at an antique show/flea market and was surprised to find upon reading them that they were from someone in my own neck of the woods. he appeared to be a builder/landlord as he had hand drawn survey maps, building material lists, etc in these journals. he even had a hand written will on one of the pages. the entries started around 1929 and ended in 1960. just look at the prices of these building materials.

and check out the cost of furnishing the home.

in this journal he kept an accounting by year of everything that he spent.

and this was the most surprising of all......located in the depths of his building/surveying journal....the only such entry in either book.... a love poem.....entitled "young love". i can't figure out from the dates at what point in his life he wrote a young man or reminiscing in his later years...... it almost feels too private to read.........

young love

with in my bed

the whole night through

i turn and turn

and think of you

and wonder when we met


if you said what you

meant to say

and what you thought

i thought you meant

and were you sorry

when i went

and did you get my

meaning when

and then. the whole thing

through again. i only hope

that somewhere you are

sleeping very badly too.


Jonna said...

Jody - So sorry to hear about your foot....hope it heals up soon. Love these old journal entries things like this are so fun to find. I found some old wooden typesetting letters so I bought 4. That was all I found at the second hand store. But stopped at the leather store and bought a huge hunk of leather and some leather stamps...I love making leather journals so hope to get some made and up for sale.

Carla said...

WOW! How cool is that journal, and that love poem-double wow! (hope you foot recovers soon for you)