Wednesday, October 29, 2008


this tree is behind the log home that i slip off to when i need to unwind a little. it's magnificent. i love this shot of the tree because she actually frames herself.
i'm a touchy..... feely..... kind of with other you would think.....but things. i HAVE to feel textures.....shapes. you know.... everywhere you go now you're being filmed by security cameras. i must give security either a cause to sit up and take notice or a good laugh because i can't go ANYWHERE without running my hands over things that catch my eye. i suppose it's the artist in me......but it's also more. when i touch this tree it's like i can feel it's life force. immediately my mind sees....creates.....little stories of things that have happened in it's presence. i know i'm not the only one.....walt whitman wrote: "why are there trees i never walk under but large and melodious thoughts descend upon me?" i'll bet walt would have liked this one.


Carla said...

She is lovely! I too, am a toucher, and trees feed me. I never fail to be amazed at their presence and beauty. Thank you for sharing your find:)

lola said...

I love the pix of the tree. I would like to see a post on the cabin that you go to.