Thursday, October 23, 2008

the farm

today was such a nice day that i decided to go to the farm and share my lunch with walker. more important than feeding my body......i come here to feed my soul.
this is the view from the deck off the back of the house. i used to sit out here with a cup of joe watching the sun rise and late at night..... under the most amazing display of stars you ever saw.

this was the landing strip where we made the first pass in the plane to get the cows out of the way and then landed....up hill....coming to a stop just feet before the large tree you see at the end.

there's still plenty of wildlife around.....deer, turkeys, fox, more more horses........

these leaves reminded me of my space cowboy and dead and gone......the other in the fall of her life.

the creek that runs across the lower pasture is mostly rock at this point. it's called......yep......rocky creek. folks around here like to park below the pasture and play on the rock in the summer. have to drive thru the creek to get up and down the road. it really freaks some folks out......i always loved it.

if you'll look closely at this picture you'll see a vine shaped like a heart at the base of this tree. very heart lies here too.

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