Monday, October 6, 2008

mo signs of fall

our local roadside market swung into fall this past week in preparation for halloween and thanksgiving. pumpkins and gourds, and cornstalks.....oh my! i love the earthy fall colors. it's so much fun watching everyone searching for the perfect pumpkin. gotta pick up some indian corn.
these pumpkins are called peanut pumpkins. i can see why.... those thingys do resemble peanut shells.
color me "smitten".....i want one of each!

and.....of course.....i had to make a trip inside the market first for a butter pecan ice cream cone to keep me company while i did some serious lookin' for MY perfect pumpkin. i know....i know.....a slip of the lip pads the was worth it!


Anonymous said...

Oh my, my favorite ice cream. The pumpkins look great. I've never heard of peanut pumpkins. Are they a special breed or something?

Rima Staines said...

Hello Jody, thanks for your nice comment on my blog, glad you enjoy it and that you thought Nina's clock perfect for her! :)
You have a great collection of interesting things here ... pleased to meet you..
Best wishes from Scotland