Tuesday, October 21, 2008

charleston, sc

i took me a little jaunt down to charleston these past few days. if you're not familiar......charlestown is a VERY southern town full to the brim with the past.....old rice plantations and homes. we went down for the fall tour of homes and took in a couple of the plantations while there. here's the brochure from middleton place....one of the plantations. the grounds and gardens are spectacular.....the buildings and artifacts full of history. if any of you are computer challenged.....clicking on the picture will open it larger so you can read the small print.

we ended our tour of middleton place with a wonderful meal at their restaurant. they had quail, duck, catfish, chicken, and carolina pulled pork with corn souffle, squash casserole, hoppin' john (black eyed peas and rice), and collards with peach casserole, pecan pie, or key lime pie for dessert. sooooooooooo good!
the tour of homes was by candle light.....the night a perfect.....crisp...fall night to be traipsing all thru the historical district..... drooling over the homes and gardens that most of us will just be able to dream about. for those of you who have not been to charleston......go!

and ....of course.....we ate seafood at hyman's restaurant. i had a deep fried grits patty covered with salmon and a garlic sauce.....yum! don't even think about going to charleston and not partaking of the famous pralines.........ohhhhh sookie sookie! be sure to eat at least two......one for each hip!
and now.... here i am....back in the real world.....back to the daily grind.....crap! i need a cup of joe!

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Carla said...

What fun! Go-gypsy-girl-GO!