Sunday, July 13, 2008


i do dearly love me some plums. i planted my tree several years ago from a sapling that i "rescued" from someones' yard (ok, i stole it....they had them everywhere). this is the first year it's had enough plums to amount to anything.
i knew it would take military tactics to keep the birds from getting all the plums before i could pick them so i tried the ol' rubber snake in the tree thing.
it looked a little hokey but it worked on the birds..........and me. yep. here i am, cutting grass, swing up under the plum tree and that baby draped itself right across my head. it looked like a slasher scene from a b-grade horror movie, me swatting the thing off my head and the lawn mower cutting a swath through my flowers. and screaming. did i mention screaming? it wasn't pretty. at least i got to pick a few plums this morning for all my effort. me and catman,my little ray of sunshine. he helped too...............fertilizing.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Jody,
All those Chester counts on your stats are probably mine - I kept getting interrupted. Loved the butterfly pictures and hearing about your cat. The snake story though, is priceless. Also enjoyed seeing Ezells in pictures. We'd be happy to have you do something on Magnolia Inn.
Thanks for sending the site.