Friday, July 11, 2008

my nemesis

this is my nemesis.......catman. we've been matching wits for about twelve years.
i know, he looks all cute and everything, lying like that, but don't be fooled. it's a ploy. you're thinking, ohhhhhhhhh, how sweet, and reach down to give him a rub and all you draw back is a nub. seriously. it's all teeth and claws. i just want to pet him! and the monthly flea thing between the shoulder takes stealth and cunning. one whiff of that stuff and he's in the next county before i can blink.

he's the killer of my birds and rabbits, the graffiti artist for my car, the guardian of my front porch. we won't even get into how he LOVES to fertilize my flower beds..........but i love him.

we moved six miles away to a rental house while having our new home built. catman decided he didn't care for the new neighborhood and made the trek back home. how do they do that??? he spent the next few weeks overseeing the construction workers so they didn't overstep their bounds.

this is a collaged bookmark i made using a picture that i snapped of him yawning. he looks totally "snockered"!

catman is the epitome of the word "sourpuss"......but i love him.

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Kim Carney said...

and I just love sour-pusses!