Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Thank You 2014…..

it took losing my job for me to begin living.
most of my adult life has been spent obsessing over
money…or the lack of it. for me it was never about
keeping up with the Jones…it was about keeping a
roof over our heads…dependable transportation…and
food on the table. i lost my job through no fault of my
own. the day i was given my walking papers should 
have debilitated me with fear…but it didn't. i never once
got that chills in the gut feeling because i knew….i
KNEW... the Universe would provide for me…and it
has. i have been blessed many times over since then.

my days are now filled with art…books…long walks
and a wonderment for life. i am so thankful for my
blessings…and the more thankful i've become…the more
blessed i have been. this has been a wonderful year…

thanks for all the answers 2014….

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