Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Beauty of a Seed Pod

"Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it."
                                                         ~ confucius

I don't know of too many folks that like having a
Sweetgum tree shed these seed pods in their yards.
They do have a beauty if you really look closely.

This piece started with an older photo that I took
several years ago.

As you can see it had some limbs and shadows
in the background. I opened it in Photoshop
and played around with the layers settings until I
got the background a vivid white with just a blurred
shadow of the limbs. Then I took the clone tool and 
cloned the white over the limbs creating a solid white
background. I thought about extracting the pod and
making it into a PNG but didn't really want to spend
thirty minutes getting all those details so I decided to
work with the white background. Next I sent this to 
my iPad and opened it in my DistressedFX app and 
played around with the different textures and opacities
until I got the look I wanted. The warm earth tones
of these textures really make the seed pod pop.

I saw a snap on lens for my iPhone with a fish eye…
wide angle…and two macro lens that I'd LOVE to
have if I had $67.00 to spend. Oh well…
maybe someday...

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