Monday, October 8, 2012

another rainy monday...

"talkin' to myself and feelin' old
sometimes I'd like to quit
nothin' ever seems to fit
hangin' around
nothin' to do but frown
rainy days and mondays
always get me down...."

i'm sitting here having a cup of joe
and nursing a throbbing finger (i stabbed myself
with a pair of scissors in my studio last evening) as
i prepare to head out into this
cool...rainy day to call on a few folks
with bigger problems than mine. with times
like these burglaries are all too common in
our little part of the world. their loss of valuables
is nothing compared to their loss of security.
we can't always find the thieves and return their items
but my goal for the day is to try and put a smile on
their face and hopefully ease their fears.

i hope you're warm and safe this crisp fall morning.
this public servant is sending up prayers for those in need.....

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