Wednesday, September 23, 2009

the seed shaman

"plants are a living tribe, an indigenous tribe. plants see life differently. they have different customs. they speak another language. my art is an attempt to translate their language so that the true story of the planet can be told. each seed, root or pod contains the earth’s history." says richard solomon.....the seed shaman.he uses gathered plant materials to create stunning works of art. "....i have found a secret that i would like to share with you: in my art, as in my life, i never meet a seed, tree or plant with a bad heart."

your work is amazing, mr. solomon.
check out his art here.


Flower Spy said...

I recently had the opportunity and honor to interview Mr. Solomon about his work. His eye is unmatched, his creativity, inspiring. His work never fails to be one of a kind unique.

Look for his story in the Albuquerque Examiner June 21st, 2011.

just jody said...

How awesome! I love his work. I'll try to find that article tomorrow! Thanks for visiting!