Wednesday, September 2, 2009

csi 102

we just completed a two day class learning to photograph crime scenes and document personal injuries. it was actually a very good photography class. most of our class time was inside but we did do a couple of hours of night shots. it's pretty amazing what some of these little point and shoot cameras can accomplish. i don't think most people are aware of the manual settings that can give you some great shots. our road officers use the point & shoot and our investigation division all have the nice nikons and canons........except me!!!!.....i got stuck with a p&s! my personal camera is a canon eos 30D and i feel like i'm shooting with a toy using the p&s.

we had a lot of fun with our you can wasn't a good day to let your guard down!i'm sure a lot of us are gonna end up on myspace and facebook so be on the look out....... speaking of myspace.....check out this link.

who says the po po don't have a sense of humor?


Carla said...

go po po!!

Lola said...

Sounds very interesting.