Thursday, May 28, 2009

farm city

i occasionally get to review new books at our local library before they are circulated. i really don't know why our librarian would want my opinion because i'm not your typical mainstream patron......however......i'm glad for the opportunity. i just read this new book by novella carpenter....scheduled to be released on june 11th. it's the memoir of an urbanite living in downtown oakland who starts out beekeeping and ends up with chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, and pigs in her apartment building's backyard. she also starts a community garden on the vacant lot beside her building. i have to tell ya.....i LOVED this book. i laughed out loud at some of her antics.....other parts touched my heart. i've never been a city dweller but i could relate on a lot of the animal husbandry and gardening failures! this book needs to be on your list of summer reads.

you can pre-order novella's book here.

check out her blog here.

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