Tuesday, August 26, 2008


well, i guess you thought i'd dropped off the face of the earth! it kinda felt like it for a while. my four year old grandaughter has been in the hospital for a week which hasn't been a pleasant experience for anyone concerned. she came home today and is doing fine. my number one priority was a decent cup of coffee once the dust settled. after brewing some coffee and trying to catch up on my cyber life i ran across these coffee creations. these were done by some talented folks! just look at the detail in this girl.
this one would be great for halloween guests.
i got these pictures from a site called weirdomatic.com by alexandra. check out the other coffee art on her site here.

as for me, i'm gonna enjoy another cup of joe, put my feet up, and catch up on some of my favorite reads! it's gonna be mighty fine sleeping in my own bed tonight, no nurses, no noise, no hospital coffee!

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cindee said...

I am sorry to hear about your Granddaughter. I am glad she is better. That is scary thing.
I am glad you got to have a nice relaxing cup or two of coffee!! Those pictures are amazing. I can't imagine doing that!!!