Monday, August 4, 2008

the redheaded stranger

earlier this spring, before the butterfly bush ate my bird feeder, we had a visit from a redheaded stranger. no...not willie nelson...this inquisitive fellow. i wish i'd snapped a shot of him when he first landed. he hung upside down like a bat until he could figure out how to right himself. i'd seen him around before, further down in the yard, usually in the pecan tree. i guess curiosity just got the better of him and he needed to see what all the hoo haw was about up at the big house.
he threw seeds for a while, searching for bugs or nuts, or i don't know what. i guess he didn't find anything to his liking 'cause he finally headed back to the pecan tree for better pickin's.

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CiNdEe said...

What a cute bird. Is it a woodpecker? I really enjoy my birds. They are so fun to watch(-: I have several feeding stations and water stations set up around the yard. I decided most of them like sunflower seeds so I just buy those now and don't mess around with the other stuff. The gold finches like the thistle so I buy that for them(-: