Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Too Jody

georgia okeeffe
doesn't she epitomize the definition
of a strong woman?
i have always admired strong women.
from my early teens through adulthood
i chose my aunt edith as my role model.
she lived the most interesting life and i
wanted to be just like her. my family all
had a different opinion of her...she was
just... "too edith"
most everyone in my family has told me at 
one time or another that i remind them of her.
 i'm not sure they always mean that as a 
compliment ...but i choose to take it that way. 

i try to be a strong woman
but inside...
i'm a lost little girl seeking
love and approval
i wear the mask of a strong woman
i have days when i can pull off
that persona exceptionally well
today is not one of them....

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