Thursday, May 18, 2017

My Week So Far......

i live on four acres in the country.
the good thing (???) is:   there is
always something to do to keep myself
busy...which is how i manage my mood

i started this week on sunday...mother's day... by
cutting grass and then tearing down the fencing
and poles around this chicken coop.  the grass
was overgrown inside and there were large rocks
all around the perimeter...soooo

i made another rock stack in front of the derelict
house on my property.

monday i cleaned up all the wood and wire from
sunday...removed all the nails and staples from
the wood and carried it to the recycle pile at the
back of my property.

tuesay i finished the chainsaw carving of my barn
owl and rested up before going to my weekly group
meeting with some fellow artists.

wednesday i made a "deep south" storage shed for
my mower by tearing off half of the covered porch
on the side of the derelict house

not pretty...i know...but i'd rather spend the money
it would take to build a shed on the tools i need
for my chainsaw art!

and today i pulled the nails from all the porch decking
and wood..stacked the recyclable pieces...burned the
junk..pulled up some metal fence posts that were
protecting a fig bush that didn't make it..put out
some snake deterrent around the house and sheds...
put some ant deterrent out around my screened
porch (i don't know WHAT they are after!)...

i cut back this butterfly bush (this made me SAD)
this bush is over ten yrs old and at one point was
higher than my house but the weight of it caused
the bush to fall over and no amount of staking would
keep it off the ground so i cut it back.. then trimmed
the high grass and vinca from under the bird feeder...
which i refilled.

i wanted to build a support table for my chainsaw
carving but the heat pretty much zapped my energy
today so i called it done...kicked off my shoes and
did a little porch sitting.

as for tomorrow...i hope to get that table built so
i can get started on some carving....


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