Saturday, July 25, 2015

Skulls..Eyes…Noses & Mouths….oh my….

i mentioned in my last post that i was taking Gillian Lee Smith's
Unearth Gather Create class. i'm posting these images for myself…
to show my weaknesses and …hopefully…improvements over time.

first of all…sorry for the poor photos…the
lighting in my studio leaves a lot to be desired.
this was an exercise in mapping the skull using
a square as a starting point. in all these photos i
used a standard pencil and dollar store note pad…
drawing along as i watched the lesson... 
so i wasn't trying for life like shading….just correct
proportions….and no….he's not wearing sun 
glasses…that's just a representation of the size
of our eye sockets.

here i tried eye proportions from the 
front…side…and 3/4 view.

next was the front view of a nose 
and mouth.

and last a 3/4  and side view
nose and mouth.

i really am loving this class and
Gillian's teaching style. she mixes
her formal training with her personal
experience presenting the lessons
in a laid back style. i also like that
even though the material list suggested
for this class would be more than i
could afford she emphasizes to use
what you have….even if it's just pen
and paper. i'm looking forward to the
remainder of this class. 

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