Thursday, July 23, 2015


she wears flowers in her hair…..

i'm taking Gillian Lee Smiths Unearth Gather Create class
in hopes of improving my drawing/painting skills. one of my
first assignments was face mapping and shading. this is my
first attempt:

as far as face mapping.. the proportions aren't correct..
although with faces really anything goes. i opened my
drawing in iColorama and changed it in Style to
Threshold to get this:

i took this to PS CS5 and used the select tool on the
black…saving it as a png (i also made a brush to use
in CS5). this allowed me to use the drawing without
including the white background.

next i opened this image of a Klimt painting in Repix:

 i used the Van Gogh brush to blur
sections of the photo ending up with this:

then on to Procreate where i added the
png of my drawing:

i cropped out the section with the face and
painted in the flower..white high lighting and
the design in the lower right corner. 

next i took it to iColorama and added the lettering
in the lower left corner and the paint drips.

i then opened it in Analog…adding the white dust
and scratches…to get the finished piece.

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