Monday, September 1, 2014

Hello September….

for those of us of "a certain age" september always
heralded the return to school..our year was september
until june. i could have cared less about new clothes and
 shoes but the school supplies…oh how i loved them!

the new book satchel (we didn't have book bags)
smelling of vinyl…

pencils..paper and the box of fat…flat backed crayons…
all added to a sacred brew of smells that
morphed into a great love of art supplies.

it doesn't feel very septembery today…the thermometer
on the screened porch reads 93 degrees.. but just knowing
that it's september and autumn is around the corner causes a 
little quickening in my soul.


CiNdeEsGaRdEnOfLiFe said...

Never had a book bag for school. Had to carry my books.
We started day after Labor Day too. It seemed cooler some how. I am really looking forward to Fall and RAIN!!!!!!
Happy September!!!!!

just jody said...

Me too Cindee….we got a little thunder and a few drips (and I mean drips!) of rain this afternoon but not even enough to call it rain. I'm sooooooo looking forward to some cooler weather. Thanks for visiting!