Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Standing to Applaud Lucy Hilmer

vulnerability….scary stuff

why is it that we would chew our own foot off rather
than expose ourselves to others?
this was especially the case in my younger
years although as i age it becomes less of an issue…
(which is kinda scary considering a glimpse of my younger
 self was way easier on the eye). 

i think for women body image is one of our greatest 
vulnerabilities so when i came across photographer
Lucy Hilmers series of selfies taken each year on
her birthday…dressed in only her underpants..socks..
and shoes…i wanted to stand and applaud!

she began taking her pictures on her twenty ninth
birthday and continues today at the age of sixty nine.
she did admit that she kept them to herself until
recently but is now publishing a book of the series.

at an age when society tells us we should just fade
into the background Lucy Hilmer has the courage to
look at me….
i'm still here…
i matter…
i am enough...


Sally Tharpe Rowles said...

Wow Jody this is great...thanks for sharing the link ...Lucy Hilmer is a very brave woman & her photographs are startling impressive & strangely moving. I loved the one with her daughter/granddaughter (?) ....thanks Jody!

just jody said...

I loved this too….Sally…Lucy Hilmer is a braver woman than I……!

Just Jubby said...

What an inspiration - thanks for sharing Jody!

just jody said...

She is that…Jubby. Thanks for visiting.