Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Do you remember the song "Lola" by the Kinks?
It was stuck in my head all day and ended up in my
art. The original picture is an old high school photo.
I opened it in Tinned Cam and added the overlay
with the white lettering and distress marks. Next I 
used Procreate to add the "makeup" and saved the
image and then opened this image and the original
 in Image Blender. After blending the two pictures
I opened the result in Word Swag to add the lyrics.

I've recently joined a group on Facebook moderated
by Karen Divine where she suggests a direction and then
she and other artists discuss your post. The current 
challenge is to develop a series based on one idea.
I'm thinking I'll continue to bring out the "Lola" in
more old photos for my entries.

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