Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Art of Being…….

At the beginning of each new year…do you choose a word
of the year? I've been mulling over my choice for 2014 and
have decided on "be". Do you remember the feeling of lazy
summer days as a child when all you had to do was just "be"…
lay out in a field of clover and watch the clouds…explore the
magical world of the creek running through the woods….or 
just curl up somewhere with a good book and lose yourself
to this world….? I want that back!

I have so many self imposed "musts" controlling my life. I feel I 
must do this or must do that or dress this way or say this
 or the Keeper of Promises Spirit will be knocking at my door.
 Why do we live this way? Since losing my job and paring 
down my life to just the essentials I've come to know a
 kind of happiness and peace that I haven't had in 
years. Now I plan to start paring down the "musts"
 and cultivating the art of "being"…. 



Unknown said...

Wise words. I think it will be a good year for you.

just jody said...

Thank you Andrea….I enjoyed looking at your work. Thanks for visiting!