Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Doubting Thomas (jody)…...

Being unemployed and without money sure does boost my
innovativeness…(is that a word?). I'd like to have some screens
made to print my drawings but that's just not in my budget so I
decided to try transferring them using gel medium….ok…but 'iffy'…
sometimes they looked ok…sometimes not. My next idea was to use
a light box and trace the image onto the fabric with permanent marker.
Since I don't HAVE a light box I commandeered an old picture frame..
taped the image to the glass…layed the fabric over the 
frame…held it over a lamp... and transferred the image.

Finally…something I can live with! I like doing a 
combination of paint and free motion sewing to finish 
these up. I had planned to use regular pin backs on the
brooches but couldn't figure out a way to ship them...
without worry of damage... that I could afford. After a
little research the solution is to use laundry pins. I had
to source them from overseas to get a price I could live
with. In the mean time I'm trying to get a few finished
up so they'll be ready for the laundry pins. My 
plan is to put a small selection in my Etsy shop
 to see what sells and what doesn't…always scary
putting your art out into the world. I look at the art
of some of the published artists I follow and  think…
mine is just a good as theirs…but then when I think of
putting my own out there I have all these doubts….
I'm pretty sure that's what most artist go thru…
we'll see….


Just Jubby said...

I can so empathize Jody with the challenges you face in putting your work forward but from personal experience, it is definitely worth it. Slowly but surely I am getting better at not apologising every time someone comments on my artwork that I've so tentatively put on my walls at home. Good for you! Can't wait to see what you put 'out there' :)

just jody said...

Thanks Jubby!