Monday, January 7, 2013

Earth Prayers..

Mother Earth has provided everything in your life; the food you eat, the air you breathe, the clothes you wear, the home you live in. She is the Divine Mother manifest in her most majestic form. We can never say thank you to her enough.

Today your intention is to offer your prayers to Mother Earth throughout your day. Using your breath, and an offering from nature, your prayers will begin to restore your alignment with Nature and all things of the Universe. This readjustment of righting your relationship to yourself and your place in the world is known by shamans as ayni. Ayni resides in your heart. There is a deep ease of being at home, at one with everything. Offering your prayers in this way begins to bring you into ayni, the longing of your heart to return home.

In different traditions tobacco, flowers or cocoa leaves are used to hold prayers. Today you will find something in your own kitchen or native surroundings that will work for you. Grains like rice or dried beans, fresh or dried herbs, flower petals, small leaves, organic sugar, seeds, nuts or raisins are some of the things you could use as prayer offerings.

Every good prayer starts with a thank you. As you offer your prayers hold a sense of gratitude, love and appreciation for Pachamama. Let your prayer be one of thanks for the glory of the day, for the beauty Pachamama offers so abundantly, thanks for the warmth of the sun on your face, the blessings in your life. Allow your prayer to be an authentic of the calling of your heart. Release your prayer offerings back to the Earth.

an excerpt from A Structure For Spirit

wise words from Karen Chrappa on this crisp monday morning....


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just jody said...

Indeed...Sally...Karen Chrappa offers us some wise guidance. I am currently working through her book...A Structure for Spirit along with her guided meditations.

Leanne said...

lovely meaningful words,thankyou

Leanne x

just jody said...

Leanne....I hope you checked out Karens blog...she is a kindred spirit. Thanks for visiting!