Tuesday, June 5, 2012


 i spent some time at the creek meditating today.
it's a wonderful solid rock creek bed that looks like
a mountain stream. i always find great comfort there
and feel enveloped by the power of the rock.
 this beautiful creature graced me with her presence.
her color is magnificent....
 according to Ted Andrews in Animal Speak:
"the dragonfly represents the power of light.
life is never quite the way it appears...but it is always
filled with light and color. dragonfly can help you see
through your illusions and thus allow your own light
to shine forth. dragonfly brings the brightness of
transformation and the wonder of colorful new vision."
 this little water snake eased out to see what i was up to.
"they represent rebirth...resurrection...initiation...and wisdom.
snakes are symbols of change and healing. they have speed
and agility....so those who have snakes come into their life
will usually find the changes and shifts occur quickly and are
soon recognized and defined. when snake comes into your
life you can look for a rebirth into new powers of creativity
and wisdom."
and tadpoles.....these little frog babies....
frogs have an ancient mythology about them. being
amphibians with links to the water and the land...they
are often associated with the magic of both elements.
they represent transformation through water and sound." 

light...new vision...creativity...wisdom...
transformation through water and sound...
aho....i am blessed...

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